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Who can advertise on machinesonline?

Anyone wishing to sell machinery or equipment catered for on machinesonline.

What types of Ads are available on machinesonline?

To help cater for the different needs of our sellers, machinesonline offers 4 tiers of advertisements:

All items can be categorised as New | Demo | Used | Hire | Wrecking

Dealers – (variable price packages) More about Dealers Advertising Packages >>

Does it cost to post a single Ad?

No, it’s free, we charge no fees or commissions.

Are Ad prices inclusive of GST?


How many Ads can I post?

As many as you like. Your first Ad is free, and then $5.00 for each additional Ad. More than 10 Ads: If you have more than 10 Ads live at any-one time a 50% discount will apply for each additional Ad. For example, if you have 11 live Ads, the 11th Ad will cost you just $2.50. Dealers & Hirers: If you are a Dealer or Hirer of machinery & equipment we can develop an advertising package to suit the size and scope of your business.
More about Dealer options >>

How long will my Ad last?

2 months – then it can be renewed

What happens if I sell the item before 2 months?

We ask advertisers to tell us when their item is ‘Sold’. This helps to ensure that Buyers are always looking at items genuinely and currently for sale.

Will my Ad automatically renew if not sold?

Only if you select the ‘auto-renewal’ option.

Can I edit my Ad?

Yes, at any-time you can login and change just about anything including photos at no extra charge.

How do I login?

On the ‘top menu bar’ of each page you will see a button ‘login’; simply login using your email and password – the ones you set-up your user account with.

What happens if I forget or lose my password?

There is a simple option to reset it. You will find this option on the ‘login’ page itself.

How can I pay for my Ad?

By credit card (including eftpos) and Paypal.

More about credit card security >>

Is my personal information secure?

We aim to ensure your personal information is secure, however, cyber-hacking is always a real possibility. This is why we only collect and store basic information from you; for example, we don’t ask for your full address, date of birth or other significant identifying information. We collect and store only the following personal information:

  • 1. Your name (we don’t ask for ID)
  • 2. The suburb in which the item is located
  • 3. Your email
  • 4. Your phone number (optional)
  • Note: Your Credit Card info will not be stored with machinesonline; once payment is made we cannot use or retrieve your credit card information.

    See more about secure payments >>

    Dealers will be asked to provide more information than private advertisers.

How do I know a Seller is real?

1. Before an Ad goes live, the seller is required to verify their email – if they do not verify their email their Ad will not go live. This helps to ensure the advertiser is real.
2. A seller, before they can post their Ad, has to pass thru’ the ‘Captcha’ security programme – this helps to ensure the seller is real and not an automated robot.
3. We also rely on users of machinesonline to report any dodgy Ads – that way we can suspend an advertiser and their Ad with almost immediate effect.
Learn how to detect scams >>

Can I post an Ad from a mobile?

Yes, you can create and manage your adverts from your mobile. Including uploading photos and videos to your advert.

How can Buyers contact me?

There are two ways:

  • 1. By phone: You can choose to display your phone number in your Ad. That way Buyers can call you directly. But you don’t have to display your phone number. When completing your Ad you will be given the option to display or hide your phone number
  • 2. Alternatively, Buyers can contact you via our email messaging system which appears prominently in your Ad. Anyone using this messaging system will have to pass the Capthca security test which helps to ensure you don’t get spammed.